Your Dream Smoker Is Our Goal No Matter What Country You're From...

Since January of 2010 we have been helping people build their dream smoker all over the globe!

We feel very fortunate to have helped thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, experience levels, and countries all over the world, become pitmasters and spread the love of BBQ.

We are very excited to help you on your quest to build your dream smoker and we believe you'll have such a great experience building it, that you'll want to build many more!

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The NEW Super55 Drum Smoker Kit

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What Is Included In A Typical Set Of Smoker Plans?

  • Mack™ Reverse Flow Smoker 24x24x48, insulated firebox on right

    Another fine set of plans from The amount of detail
    that goes into these plans are astounding. The Mack will make my third
    build using plans from and looking at them now, it will
    be by far the easiest and best build yet. Thank you for the hard work
    and attention to detail. It clearly shows in these fine plans.

    -Hershel B.

    See The Mack Reverse Flow Smoker Plans 
  • 32diam. by 105 long SQ firebox right, 2 doors with warmer

    It was very nice to download the plans and have everything at your
    finger tips. It was GREAT when i had a question to call and actually
    talk to Frank and have professional help!!

    Great job guys!!

    -ALLEN T.

    See The 32 by 105 Reverse Flow Smoker Plans 
  • 24" by 46.5" single door, 2 endbells, SQ. Firebox Right side

    Outstanding design plans. These plans made for one easy build. I did not
    experience any "learning lessons" which made for an
    enjoyable build.

    Thank you again SmokerBuilder!

    -Stephen M.

    See The 24 by 46.5 Reverse Flow Smoker Plans 
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