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30 Deep By 35 Tall By 72 Wide Hybrid Offset Smoker Completely Insulated!

SmokerPlans By SmokerBuilder

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Yep, this big ol hybrid offset is Completely Insulated!

We had a request to make a set of plans for a rectangle cooking chamber hybrid offset that is double walled and fully insulated.

This smoker is ideal for super cold climates and cooking during winter.

We also added some spit style rotisseries that can be used for suckling pigs, whole chickens, etc.

•The inner walls are 7 gauge and the exterior is 10 gauge.

•The firebox is double walled ¼ inch plate

•The warmer is also double walled and fully insulated

•Sled plans are included

•Can be mounted also to a 6,000 pound trailer. Choose the trailer plan option below!

•Grab the optional CNC file if you have a cnc plasma table


Customer Reviews

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Joe degan

I have looked over the plans and the detail is great! I am starting to gather all the materials hoping to build this in the fall!! I have watched your course on welding the 4800 and found it very useful and informative. Thanks for the attention to detail. Can’t wait to be smoking some Q on this bad boy!