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They worked great!


Couldn't ask for a better set of hinges at a really good price point! After looking across Amazon and other retailers, this is the best deal I found with the best quality!

Love it!

We needed a dedicated cooker for chicken and the Super 55 does not disappoint. Easy kit to assemble and easily customized with paint and accessories. I might need a couple more in the Family!!


Propane tanks have radioactive lead 210 on the inside walls. It is there from the naturally-occurring radon gas that is in propane. Better specify 'new, unused tanks only' or else planned to get nuked.
Health effects of lead 210 from radon 222 in LPG (national institute of health): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/4003271/

Door Safety Catch

Having a heavy door on my smoker has always concerned me, it would cause great damage to anyone it would fall on.

After installing the Door Safety Catch, I feel so much better. Now I don’t have to worry.

I’m so very happy with this product, plus it’s easy to install.

Thanks Frank for a great product!!

Great handle

Nice solid handle worked perfectly thanks

Great kit.

Fun Project. Paper drilling template is awesome. Great smoker

Mack Smoker Plans

Great Detailed plans, easy to follow and well laid out. Was a very fun build. Actually built the whole thing with an angle grinder and 200 amp stick welder (except the handle's). It gets even better when you start cooking. Great Airflow, plenty of space and relatively even temps throughout the cooking chamber. Added bonus is the warming cabinet, which I've used to make sausages, ribs and burnt ends while smoking in the main chamber. This is a late review, built in 2020. Picture is before blasting and painting.

Plans seem to be ok

The plans may have been on point but my 500 gallon is larger in diameter so they are not accurate for me. I didn’t know if I could exchange it for another one since I made a purchase already.

On the level

Tons of experience and knowledge coupled with old school customer service ensures a good square deal and customer satisfaction… You can go wrong with SmokerPlans, they are on the level.

Competition worthy

Been doing very well in comps. This smoker is awesome. Holds heat great and with my fan system it is truly set it and forget it. We moved chimney back a little and put on longer and wider legs. We also added the diamond plate.

Great plans

Plans are great! Very informative. It would be nice to have a cut list but it’s not absolutely needed. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my 500 and switch to a 250 so no pictures, but I will end up buying another set for the 250 plans.

3 inch hinges

As advertised, we’ll constructed and heaver duty than expected, used them for my firebox and warming oven doors


Friendly people with Super fast shipping and producing top quality products!

6 Inch Spring Handle With Threaded Rod Bracket

Worry free door stop.

Works great. Now i don't have to worry about door falling and injuring me or damages to smoker.

The do-all handy must have shop item

I'll always have these on hand! A ton of uses!

H.D. Hinges

Make your build go a little quicker and buy a set of these! They look fantastic as well

250 Gallon Offset Smoker- 30 Inch Diameter By 87 Inch Long Tank With Scoop Baffle

great pit and customer service

I bought 2 of these pits and one of them had a great that was bent. I called and within 2 days I got a new grate. The pits cook Amazing, and the customer service is even better.

Door Handle

Solid product. Very clean.

Always great!

I always have a great experience with smokerBuilder, from plans, parts, advise and feedback, they are the best in my experience.

Fantastic Drum Smoker Kit!

Frank Cox has done a great job with this kit. It is well engineered and fabricated,components are built like a tank and it is fairly priced! I am not any sort of expert at fabrication, but I took my time building this and I believe it turned out exceptionally well. It is very easy to run, and once you get it dialed in, it holds heat, runs steady for hours, and the food that comes out of this smoker is out of this world. Great job, Frank!

Gravity smoker plans

Received plans quickly.
Very detailed and accurate.