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Super 55 shaker Pint Glass

Love the logo and just another awesome way to show off your super 55 stuff. Really nice glass cup.

Great product

I had no problem with it felt great

Super55 Flag
Ashley Ham
Super 55 Flag

The Super 55 Flag is made with great quality material and is huge. Highly recommended this to anyone that wants to show off their Super 55 gear.

120gal smoker plans

The plans look great! I can’t wait to get going on this project and to order some of the hinge kits.

Super 55 smoker kit.

Easy to follow instructions, simple to build, quality materials, your are smoking in no time.

250 gallon offset smoker grill

I ordered the metric by mistake but someone was able send me the correct one. Very pleasant. I’m completely satisfied with plan.

Great product

Plans are easy to read and follow great job frank

Super 55 hat

Great quality, makes ya proud to wear your super 55 hat while cooking on your super 55 drum. Yes, I highly recommend this hat.

Best deal on a drum

Received my drum and was pleased to see how it was packed for shipping. The box was banged up but no damage to the parts. The quality of the metal work was top notch, parts fit perfectly and was a easy assembly. Did a burn in and then smoked a pork steak, came out awesome. I have already recommended a Super55 to several others.

Clean and good quality

I am happy with my super 55 full kit except for a couple things that kept me from giving a 5 star.
-The order came with missing parts but they were sent to me within a week once I notified them.
-The thermostat but doesn’t tighten enough to the drum so it is super loose and leaks smoke.
Other then that the smoker is awesome!

Haven’t used yet

Haven’t used the thermometer yet, but price was good and it seems to be quality.

Great Product

Received it with a slight dent, but easy to pop out, could use better packaging to keep for being damaged, but overall cooks like a champ. Not Disappointed at all, definitely buy another in the future.

Top quality.

Build and material quality is impressive!

Great product and great company to do businesses with.

Still waiting on it.

I havent received it yet.

250 reverse flow with sled

Got the plans have not started the build yet. Plans are well designed, easy to read, looking forward to the build.
The prints for the sled are also well designed and easy to read.
Thank you.

Best drum of all times

Best design out there. Easy to assemble and simple to run. Up to 19hr run time. The cox family stand behind their products 💯. Will recommend to anyone interested in a drum cooker. Will buy another drum soon.


I feel like they should be about half as long

Well made

Parts were smooth and well made. No need to touch up. Ready to go

The scoop baffle looks interesting to me I have built standard off sets, reverse flows and a couple with baffle plates I am looking forward to seeing how this design works.

Junior Urias Texas Edition Center Feed Reverse Flow

The plans are easy to read and build from.

Weld on bullet hinge- 3 inch
Michael Siegenthaler
great hinges

Worked well for the doors on the reverse flow smoker.

Super 55!

I stumbled across this mad-scientist (Frank) at the American Royal in KC and I was blown away with the amount of detail put into such a simple concept. The Super 55 is no joke and I highly recommend it for the back yard BBQ guy to competitive pit-masters. You won’t be disappointed!

500 gallon smoker plan

The plans are everything I could ask for, extremely detailed and easy to read, will be purchasing the 1000 gallon plans in the near future, thanks again