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26 Diameter 120 Gallon Tank Offset Smoker Plans

SmokerPlans By SmokerBuilder

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This set of DIY plans shows you how to build an offset smoker using a 120 gallon tank that is 26 inches diameter and 53 inches long from tip to tip.

This size smoker is perfect for those who are wanting to start catering or cook for larger backyard events and parties!

This set of plans features a folding smoke stack and shows using the cook chamber door safety catch!
Door safety catch parts or the plan can be purchased separately.

You can also add the patio cart plans which show a folding shelf!



If your tank is slightly longer or shorter you can still use this set of smoker plans.

These tanks do vary in length from 48 inches long to 56 inches long.

The only thing you would need to change is the width of your door cut and cooking grates to fit your tank. 



There are several ways to customize your smoker using the upgrades in the drop down menus right above the Add To Cart button!

  • CNC File: You can choose the CNC file if you plan to have your parts for your smoker cut out on a CNC plasma table!
  • Cart Plans: If you want to mount your new smoker to a patio cart this option is for you!
  • Trailer Plans: This smoker can also be mounted to a 3500 pound trailer! 



This product is a digital product and you will be able to download it immediately after purchase. You will also receive an order confirmation with the download link. 
The downloaded file will be in .pdf or .zip format.

NOTE* All files are in .pdf format with the exception of the CNC Plasma File. If you purchase this file it can only be opened with a CAD program. Don't worry though, if you do not have a CAD program, you will not need one if you take the file to your metal supplier. They will be able to open the file for using on their plasma table to cut all your parts for you.



Physical copies of the plans are available by special request. They are printed on standard 11 by 8.5 printer paper. If you would like us to mail you a physical copy, please purchase the plans you want and then contact us through email by replying to your order confirmation email or you can use the chat on this website. There is no charge for this service.



Even if you've never built a smoker before, this set of smoker plans tells you everything you need to know in easy to understand drawings and details.

Our plans also include support so you don't get stuck!

Simply use the contact information on the plans or the Chat button on this website near the bottom of every page!


If you need help with this you can use the Chat button at the bottom of the page or call us at 573-612-1315

Grab these plans and let's get your build started!

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Phillips
120 gal offset

Plans are well sorted with great information and all parts needed with accurate dimensions. I can't wait to start this build and I might turn it into a reverse flow.