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Weld On Door Handle Bracket Set With Holes For Stick Burner Smokers

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This Weld On Door Handle Bracket Set With Holes Is Designed For Use On Stick Burner Smokers.

 This handle bracket set has ½ inch holes designed to fit steel or stainless steel round bar so you can install a spring handles between the brackets  

We have used this set of handle brackets on small smokers all the way to 1000 gallon offset smokers!

Simply cut a length of ½ inch round bar to whatever length you desire, weld the brackets squarely in place, install rod and spring handle, then plug weld the round bar in place between the brackets.

Handle brackets come with a slight radius to fit 30" to 38" diameter smokers, but you can easily use a grinder to cope the radius to your desired fit.

We install them without changing the radius though.

This product consists of 2 bracket halfs as shown in the picture.

Order 1 quantity per door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Russell Posyton
Exactly what I needed

Perfect size for me, they stick down and out enough for me to reach the handle when the door is open, my cooking grates are at waist height so I needed a handle that came down enough I could reach it when the door was fully open and these fit the bill. I was able to plug weld a 1/2” round bar between them with no problem. They do come with millscale and will need to be hit with a flap disk before welding.

Great Upgrade

These fit without any issues. Would definitely recommend.

Tyler Pellow
Nice door handles.

Buy these. They are great.

Dennis McCalla

Weld On Door Handle Bracket Set With Holes For Stick Burner Smokers

Josh Winters
Awesome product at a great price

perfect for my 120g reverse flow smoker