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Junior Urias Texas Edition Center Feed Reverse Flow

SmokerPlans By SmokerBuilder

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My BBQ Brother Junior Urias of Up In Smoke BBQ down in Early, Texas asked me to design a new smoker for his new BBQ Restaurant and Meat Market!

He needed a smoker with an 8 foot wide footprint that had the capacity of 1 ½ thousand gallon offsets!

I said, I know just the thing...

We designed this CenterFeed Reverse Flow for him!

He said he liked it so much he wanted his name on it!

Here's some specs:

  • Insulated wood fired firebox dead center of the cooking chamber
  • HUGE cooking chamber that is 96" wide by 36 inches deep and 41 inches tall
  • 8- 37 ¾ by 32 cooking racks
  • Double tilted drain pans and grease dam
  • Double entry smoke stack for vertical temp control
  • Front facing air inlet below log rack
  • Swivel latch system for cooking chamber doors
  • Removeable baffle plates and shadow plate for easy cleaning
  • Square tubing stand with log storage
  • All ¼ inch steel recommended for construction

I'm super excited to see this one come to life!

I'll be building this one myself for Junior's new BBQ Restaurant!

Click Here to check him out on Instagram 


Customer Reviews

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Greg Clancy
Beautiful Plans

Hoping to build this sometime next year. Looking through the plans Frank and his team took there time with this one, including all the details you would want to see. Love the steel list. Made pricing out steel and labour a breeze. Can’t wait to weld it together.