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Big Pappa Bill's Beast! 500 Gal Propane Tank Reverse Flow Smoker! Warming Cabinet!

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You read it right! This thing is a BEAST! This Smoker was custom designed for Bill at Big Pappa Bill's BBQ in Washington State. He said He needed a Huge Smoker and this is it! 500 Gallon Propane tank, Square Fire Box Left side, HUGE WARMING CABINET! with room for 8 racks on 4" centers, Cook chamber has 3 racks that has been engineered to easily hold up to 200 Lbs of meat or more on each rack! All Racks are removable, Warming Cabinet has separate dampers enabling totally separate temperature control, The Cook Chamber has one Huge Door making it easy to smoke 1 or more whole hogs depending on the size of the Hog and still have room for other stuff on the top rack. It's HUGE! Our Smoker Plans will help you make perfect Barbeque! Here's a Note I just got from Bill today: This is really cool to see Frank! You and your team of engineers did a killer job of taking my ideas and putting them on paper! Your drawings are fairly easy to understand and I could NOT be happier with your drawings and I am sure that once my build is done, Big Pappa's Beast will perform perfectly!! I plan on putting this cooker on an 18' Tandem Axle trailer with room for a corn roaster in the front and maybe even add a 2nd unit back to back with this one!! If you include the warming racks, there is around 13,000 square inches of cooking space!! This should easily handle parties of up to 500 per load!! Thanks!!
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