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500 Liter 61mm Diameter By 180mm Long - Offset Smoker Grill

SmokerPlans By SmokerBuilder

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If you're wanting to build a smoker using a 500 Liter tank this set of plans is exactly what you're looking for!

This set of plans can be used along with any tank that is 61mm diameter and at least 180 mm long.

If your tank is shorter, you can cut the head off the tank and shorten it to the length noted on the plans.


Customer Reviews

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Buzz Robarge
"Smokin Thai Stick"

I want to thank Frank and his staff for a great set of plans as they were thorough and understandable. If I needed clarification Frank was right there to help and guide me. I am not at the point of completion as I am at the mercy of my fabricators workload but things are starting to come together nicely. It takes a bit of patience in Thailand as there is an English speaking problem so I have to have my wife interpret or translate in some cases but the metrication was understandable and appropriate.
All in all it’s been a very pleasant experience working with Smoke Builders and highly recommend them. I will have to have this fabricated totally here in Thailand with my supervision but trust me it will fun doing it and save substantial money. Having it fabricated outside of Thailand would kill the whole idea due cost of freight and duties. This project is for a 500 liter (approximately 130 gallon) compress air tank with 6mm wall thickness. With the freight and duties the cost would be the same as 1000 gallon Offset if fabricated stateside. Thus is the perfect site for Expats like me and smoked meat enthusiasts World Wide.