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40" by 40" by 192" Long Rectangle Cooking Chamber- Center Feed Reverse Flow

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This is the Biggest pit we have ever drawn! 16 feet long!!! If you cant cook for everyone on this pit, you have a problem!!!! No need for a Rotisserie style pit with this design!!! This set of plans was drawn with the restaurant owner in mind. Designed with the Rectangle Cook Chamber Design for large production. Using the Center Feed design allows for a single firebox and cook chamber design for pits longer than 10 feet and helps keep the cook chamber temps even. Some of it's features are: *4- 38.25" wide Door openings with French Doors *3- Slide out cook chamber racks per opening 37.5" by 38" for a total of 17,100 SQ Inches of cooking space or 1425 SQ Feet.... that's a lot!! *Baffle plate *Slide out Log Rack *Ash Pan *Square Smoke Stack *2 Baffle Plate drains *Integrated Shadow Plate *Unique Throat design *Greaseable Bullet Hinge Detail
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