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30 Or 31 Diameter By 73 Long 250 Gallon Propane Tank Offset Round Firebox Right Side

SmokerPlans By SmokerBuilder

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Propane Tank Offset Smoker With Round Fire Box Right Side!

This smoker is designed to be built using part of a 250 gallon or so for the fire box.

If you have a tank that is either 30 inches or 31 inches in diameter and at least 87 inches long you can use that for the main cooking chamber and then part of another for the firebox.

The exact tank used in this set of plans is a little scarce these days but it is an elliptical head tank that before cutting is 31 diameter and 104 inches long.

You can also cut down a 325 or 330 gallon tank.

Haha, basically any combination of 30 or 31 inch tank(s) will work!

This plan includes a folding smoke stack, grilling rack in the firebox, one level of cooking racks but you can add as many as you wish!

Add the CNC file, Cart Plan, and even the 3500 pound trailer plan by clicking the options in the drop down menus.