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Are you ready to take your BBQ game to the next level?

Introducing the Super55 Drum Smoker: Your Path to Perfect BBQ! The Super55 Drum Smoker is here to make your grilling dreams a reality. Discover two fantastic ways to get your hands on this incredible smoker:

We know there's something special about creating your own masterpiece. With our Super55 DIY Kit, you'll be the BBQ mastermind behind your new drum smoker. This kit is a dream come true for those who love a hands-on experience.

We understand that not everyone has the time or inclination for a DIY project. That's why we offer the option to have us build your Super55 Drum Smoker for you.

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Super55 UDS Drum Smoker Kit

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Tk 42,300.00

The Super55 Drum Smoker Kit! That Latest In Drum Smoker Design! Completely Redesigned! You might remember several...

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Super55 UDS Drum Smoker Kit

What's Inside the DIY Kit?


Premium Components

We've handpicked the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. Stainless steel grates, temperature gauges, and more - it's all included.


Step-by-Step Instructions

No need to be a grill pro. Our easy-to-follow, color-coded instructions will take you through the process, ensuring you build your Super55 with confidence.


Endless Possibilities

Customize your Super55 to your heart's content. Paint it your favorite color, add your unique touch, and make it a true reflection of your style.


Quality You Can Trust

We've built a reputation for delivering high-quality DIY kits, and the Super55 is no exception. You can trust it to create mouthwatering BBQ every time.

I do not have a Super55 smoker. However I had the opportunity go see them getting assembled at American Royal. These are top notch cookers. Frank and his knowledge of all things smokers has impacted just about every single pit builder out there whether they know it or not including myself. I would not hesitate spending my money on one of these pits.

Great smokers
Matt Messer


Why Choose Us to Build it for You?

Expert Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled professionals will assemble your Super55 with precision and care, ensuring it's ready to smoke the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Time-Saving Convenience: Skip the DIY process and get straight to the grilling action. Enjoy more delicious BBQ with less effort.

Quality Assurance: We take pride in our work. When we build your Super55, you can be sure that it's done right. We'll even test it to ensure it's ready for your culinary adventures.

Ready to Use: No need to wait or worry about assembly. With our "Built for You" option, your Super55 is good to go from the moment it arrives.

Whichever way you choose, you're on your way to becoming the BBQ hero of your neighborhood with the Super55 Drum Smoker. Don't wait any longer - order your Super55 Drum Smoker DIY Kit or choose our "Built for You" option now! Unleash your grilling potential today.


Find Questions You May Have

Here's the shipping costs by product:

  • Super55 Kit Parts Only = $45.
    Shipping weight and dimensions 22x22x8 and weighs 62 pounds
  • Super55 Kit with Barrel Combo = FREE Shipping in the USA 48 States.
    Alaska, Hawaii, and international please contact us via chat, phone, or email for pricing.
    Shipping weight and dimensions: 24x24x38 and 140 pounds
  • Complete Super55 Drum Smoker = FREE Shipping Via Freight Carrier until Jan. 1, 2024 in the USA 48 States. Alaska, Hawaii, and international please contact us via chat, phone, or email for pricing. After Jan. 1, 2024 the shipping might increase. Please contact us to find out for sure.

Yes! It is available in over 64 different options!

Here’s the link to learn more:


Yes! Please contact us using the chat, phone call, or email us. We'd be glad to sell you one and make arrangements over the phone!

As of November 2023, we are working on our wheel kit. If you'd like to be the first to know about it's release please make sure you are subscribed to our email list. We will notify email subscribers first with a special offer once it is released. You’ll also see some teaser pics and videos soon as well!

We do not currently split out the individual parts for sale. However there are a couple other options available on our site. We have the Inside Parts Bundle and the External Parts Bundle available. Here's a link to find them: https://smokerplans.net/search?q=super55&options%5Bprefix%5D=last&type=product

At this time we can quote the shipping for you if you contact us via the chat button, email, or you can call us.

We actually completely designed that smoker and included some much needed changes to make the kit more affordable, easier to ship, stockable for BBQ Stores, and included a couple changes Kosmo asked us to make.

One big change is the DraftMaster was so efficient that there was too much moisture in the cooker preventing proper bark formation. With the New Super55 You’ll get that perfect bark every time!
We also wanted to make sure you had everything in one simple box that could be shipped to your door saving you time, money, and frustration.

The old style tube intakes were too big and heavy to ship at a reasonable cost. They couldn’t fit in a normal size box, were hard to get the pipe for, and super expensive to make. The new style Super55 Intakes are much more streamlined, have more air capacity per inlet, way easier to install, and much tighter temperature control in windy weather conditions.

I recommend any normal “direct to metal” or DTM paint. Rustoleum is the brand we use. You can get this paint very affordably at any Menards or other Hardware store. The paint is available in many colors, quart cans for HVLP, and even High Temp Black.

Other paint for metal is fine such as VHT, Duplicolor, or Industrial Enamels.

Yes! The wrap around barrel template and the lid template are included in the kit if we do not pre-drill your barrel. If you’d like a barrel that is Pre-Drilled, we are happy to offer that for FREE! Just select that option before adding to your cart.
All of the nuts, bolts, and other hardware is included. The instructions tell you which part to use for each item during assembly.

Ready to elevate your smoking game and experience the ultimate in flavor and convenience?

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