SmokerBuilder In Person Welding Class: October 29, 2022 Rolla, MO

If you are new to welding and fabrication or have no experience at all, these classes are designed specifically for you!

Our in person classes help you learn the things you need to know to build your smoker quick and easy.

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SmokerBuilder In Person Welding Class: October 29, 2022 Rolla, MO

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If you are new to welding and fabrication or have no experience at all, these classes are designed specifically for you!

The next class is a one day class and is scheduled to start at 8am on Saturday, October 29th 2022 at the SmokerBuilder Shop in Rolla, MO.

This time the class will focus on exactly what you need to know to use a MIG Welder, Oxy/ Fuel Cutting Torch, Plasma Cutter, TIG and more!

 Our instructors will be: Bob Moffatt aka @ram_nation58, Frank Cox aka. @smokerbuilder, Kevin Thompson, and Aaron Voigt aka @mrvoigt

MIG, Oxy/ Fuel Cutting Torch, Plasma Cutter, and more with Bob Moffatt, Aaron Voigt, and Frank Cox

Our in person classes will help you no matter your skill level, even if you’ve never welded before!

You'll not need to spend months, weeks, days, and hours fumbling through videos online that are full of misinformation and things that don't apply to building your smoker or other projects!

Bob Moffatt (aka. Famous Professional Welding Instructor) and Frank Cox (founder of SmokerBuilder and have designed the most hands on, in person, and simplified smoker building classroom experience you'll find anywhere.

The class includes all welding materials, group instruction followed by hands on supervised practice, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Drinks and Snacks, plenty of Q&A time, SWAG Pack, and great memories!

You'll need to make arrangements for your stay in Rolla, MO.
Don't worry though, we will help you find the best place for your stay!

You'll need to bring your own PPE such as Gloves, Denim or other welding shirt with long sleeves, safety glasses, hearing protection that can be worn under your welding hood, work boots, and a welding hood.

If you don't have these items let us know and we can order what you need from one of our suppliers.

 The next class is filling up fast so hurry and register before it's too late!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David ladd
in person welding class

really appreciated the one on one time and the experience of the instructors. Great time

Kevin Petrus

Thank you for the plans for the cart. Not only do I plan to use the plans as intended, but it gives me some ideas for other builds using the same cart.

I know the class will be great for the guys attending. Mine was! I’ve offered to pay for my son to attend the October class. Waiting for a response from him.

Jacob Brechlin
Welding class

Very thorough teaching and very hands on experience. You will learn different methods of welding, cutting, and fabricating in order to build your confidence in taking on your own smoker building project.
Ps. Can’t forget about the great BBQ served throughout the course.

Matt Davola
great experience

It was a fun day, learned lots of tips and got some great ideas, Bob, Frank, Aaron, (living legends), pour all they can into you. It’s well worth it.

Kevin Thompson
If you're on the fence do yourself a favor sign up

I had some welding instruction before taking this class. I worried a little that I might not get much for my money. I WAS SO WRONG! Let's see, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 10 scheduled hours of instruction (we stayed and even longer than that), and being able to pick the brains of some really great welders and pit builders. This experience was money well spent. And I haven't even mentioned the giveaways. Having Bob look over my shoulder while welding was amazing. It was worth the money just for the fellowship and networking. Frank and his family are just straight-up good people. My only regret was not getting to know my fellow students better. I could've stayed another day. I will spend the money on the next one for sure. Frank, thank you for a great event.

Customer Reviews

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