How To Build A UDS Smoker Using Parts From A Hardware Store

My Very First How To Video I Ever Made!

Back in circa 2009 I made this video titled:

How To Build A UDS Smoker Without Welding

Here's the complete and un-edited video!



My oldest son Joe was 6 years old and wanted to help me build the smoker.

At this time he was a MythBusters and Dirty Jobs SuperFan!

Lot's of great memories here.

You'll even hear Lisa (Momma) laugh at us from time to time haha!

Biggest thing to note is the color of my beard...

You'll also notice I have a coffee cup handy, only thing was it was a foam cup!

I hope you enjoy this video and the short chunk of SmokerBuilder History!

Now Joe is nearly 18 years old and has joined the family business full time as our content manager in the making.

He follows me around and keeps the camera rolling or taking pictures for us to use on our social media, emails, and websites.